Spray balls are limited in the cleaning power they can achieve. Even at higher pressures the micro jets formed by the ball are not particularly powerful and do not provide much mechanical cleaning action. This means that vessels much above 4 meters in diameter are not cleaned efficiently with static spray balls although for a simple rinse down they may still be suitable for bigger vessels.

Sizes available : 1/2″-3″ (DN10-DN80)
End connections : butt-weld, tri-clamp, threaded, bolted
Head type : sphere or elliptical
Body Material : AISI 304 or AISI 316L
Cleaning radius : max. 4 meters under 58psi (4bar)
Cleaning angle : 360° spray, 180° spray
Max. temperature : 203°F (95°C)


SV-13R series is a rotary CIP Spray Ball for tank cleaning, they are mainly used to clean the inside of tanks for food-processing, beverage, beer and pharmaceutical industries.
Rotary spray ball: the ball is elliptical or spherical, jet orifice is flat slot shape.
Fixed spray ball: 360°spray, 180°spray, aperture of spray is 2.5mm.


316L stainless steel, sanitary polished ball
360°, 180° up, and 180° down wash patterns
Various possible spray patterns, materials and surfaces
Powerful flushing at low pressure
Orbital welding and directional drilling
Custom drilling available


Pharmaceutical processing
Food and beverage production
High purity chemical processing

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